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Multipack – Spanish for beginners



Multipack – Spanish for beginners – Spanish for Beginners, Business Spanish, Spanish for Holiday

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The course Spanish for Beginners is designed for  absolute and “false” beginners. So if you started learning Spanish some time ago and now want to brush up on the basics, this is the right audiocourse for you.

The course Business Spanish is designed for beginners to slightly advanced learners and focuses on vocabulary you can use at work and in business contacts with spanish-speaking business partners.

The course Spanish for Holiday is designed for beginners and slightly advanced learners and focuses on words and phrases you can use when travelling and especially on holiday.

Title Type Size
Spanish for Beginners_Part01_Script application/pdf 3 MB
Spanish for Beginners_Part02_Script application/pdf 3 MB
Buisness Spanish_Script application/pdf 2 MB
Spanish for Holiday_Script application/pdf 3 MB



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A1, A1/A2, A2, A2/B1, B1


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