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About courses

Our language courses are based on contextual learning, meaning you have not only the words themselves to learn or repeat, but also the sentences in which you use the words.

For practical communication, it is better to master the whole sentences, then you react more quickly and understand more. You can choose from different levels and different specialisations.

Each lesson covers one topic, and contains a different number of words and sentences.

What is the best way to work with the course?

Choose the course you need. Do you want to improve your grammar or just expand your vocabulary? Do you need a specialised topic? Then start listening. Anywhere – in the car, on the tram, in the waiting room, while ironing – the more the better. Each course is divided into thematic lessons.

Each lesson contains six tracks. First, for each lesson, get familiar with the vocabulary itself (tracks 1 and 2). Next, you have a vocabulary word followed by a contextual sentence, again in both translation options (tracks 3 and 4). Finally you move on to complete sentences (tracks 5 and 6).

Once you have mastered translating sentences in track 6 in the time-out before translation, you have won. The words alone will help you understand the meaning, but by using the mastered complete sentences you will communicate much better

For each block, once you have mastered the listening from the foreign language into English (lessons 1, 3, 5 – listen exercises) you move on to the translation from English into the foreign language (lessons 2, 4, 6 – translate exercises).

You don’t have to work with all the tracks in one lesson, you can focus more on the listening that suits you best. However, I recommend listening to all the tracks of a given lesson at least once.

The script that you can download for the course will give you a much wider use of the entire course. In fact, in the script you’ll find a learning guide along with useful tips on how to make the lessons more effective, a lesson plan where you can record your progress, a list of tracks to listen to (in case you don’t understand something), as well as double-sided flashcards so you can learn and review even when you can’t listen.

For those who like to test themselves, there is a translation test in each lesson with a key containing the correct answers.

I am convinced that regular listening and use of the script will give you what you are here for – improving your communication skills in the foreign language you are currently learning or repeating.

Good luck!