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French for  the intermediate



The course French for  the intermediate level is aimed at advanced learners who have already learned English for  three or four years h and who should have almost fluent communication skills.

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The course French for  the intermediate is aimed at advanced learners who have already learned English for  three or four years h and who should have almost fluent communication skills.

The course is based on contextual learning, which means that you will not only learn words but also sentences in which you can use the words you have learned. In this course you will find you will find a total of 1,400 words and practice sentences.

The individual lessons are organized by by topic and each contains a different number of words and sentences. The language level B2 is an intermediate level, so that most of the course is devoted to topics such as work, characteristics and activities, while while the topics like  travel, leisure and family are covered to a lesser extent,  as they have been covered more extensively in the previous parts of the course. In the last two lessons you will also find a large overview of the irregular verbs.

What is the best way to work with the course? Choose the lesson you want to start with. Each lesson contains six tracks. First,  familiarize yourself with the actual vocabulary (tracks 1 and 2). In order to get a better grip over the new expressions  in French, in track one you hear the  French word twice.Next, you have a  word followed by a contextual sentence, again in both translation options (tracks 3 and 4).  Then you move on to complete sentences (tracks 5 and 6). ). Again, in track 5, you will hear the sentence in French twice. Once you have mastered translating sentences from English into French (lesson 6) in the time gap before the English translation, you have won. The words alone will help you in understanding the meaning, but using the mastered complete sentences will help you communicate much better.

There is a script to this course available for free download at which will make your activities with the course much more effective. In its  introduction, you will find a learning guide along with helpful tips on how to make the lessons more effective and a lesson plan for you to record your learning progress. The script is divided thematically into three parts.  In the first part you will find a written version of the audio tracks you will listen to.  In the second part you will find the writing tests. For each lesson there is one test of vocabulary and one test of sentences. The key to both tests is available right after the tests too In the third part of the script you will find double-sided flashcards that you can cut out with scissors and practice even when you can’t or don’t want to listen.

The course is narrated by native speakers – Jeff Short in English and Anne Christine Trochut. David Girten and Benjamin Jaquet in French. No AI generated voices have been used.

  • Lesson 01 – Activities 01
  • Lesson 02 – Activities 02
  • Lesson 03 – Travelling
  • Lesson 04 – Communication
  • Lesson 05 – Work
  • Lesson 06 – Community
  • Lesson 07 – Body
  • Lesson 08 – Characteristics
  • Lesson 09 – Leisure
  • Lesson 10 – Inregular verbs_01
  • Lesson 11 – Irregular verbs_02
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B1, B1/B2


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